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Table 5 Governance mechanisms in Wave 1 City Deals

From: ‘The governance of local infrastructure funding and financing’

Governance model City Deal area Outline Description
Elected Mayor Liverpool, Bristol Mayor plus ‘strong decision-making across wider economic area’, Skills Board (Bristol and West of England) and Transport Board (Liverpool City Region).
Combined Authorities Greater Manchester, Leeds City Region, Sheffield City Region, Liverpool City Region and North East (Newcastle) In Leeds and Sheffield City Regions these are West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire-based – not for whole city region/deal area but for metropolitan unitary authorities.
LEP-led Greater Birmingham and Solihull ‘Particularly strong private sector leadership’, plus Capital Board and Housing and Growth Board. Discussions have taken place on the creation of a ‘Greater Birmingham’ City Region Combined Authority.
None specified/city council Nottingham City Deal is focused on the City’s ‘Creative Quarter’ and a new private sector led Economic Growth Board has been established.
  1. Source: Adapted from Marlow, D. (2012) City Deals – Implications for Enhanced Devolution and Local Economic Growth, Policy Briefing, London, LGIU